Michael H. Zack

Little and Lesser Known Facts

I have two wonderful children.  Jim is in his second year of law school. Katie is a college freshman.

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 I play saxophone, wind synthesizer, blues harp, guitar, and banjo and attended Berklee College of Music.

 I play tenor sax with Hot Biscuits, a great blues/soul/R&B band that plays clubs in the greater Boston area (Some places we’ve played are Acton Jazz Café, The Blue Plate Lounge, The Cantab Lounge, Church,  Fat Boys, The (late, great) Kirkland, Jakes BBQ, Johnny D’s, Mal’s Lounge, O’Brien’s Pub, and Sally O’Brien’s)

Here are some live samples recorded at local clubs around Greater Boston;

Ain't Superstitious (old Willie Dixon blues, most famously covered by Jeff Beck)

Knock on Wood (R&B tune written and performed by Eddie Floyd and covered by many)

Caldonia (Great swing blues featuring a sax solo by yours truly)

Ain't No Fat Man on the Roof (a Geezer original – funky soul)

Get In Here and Eat (another Geezer original – swing blues and barbeque, a great combination)


Here are a couple of videos of us playing at Johnny D’s in Somerville, MA.

Get in Here and Eat (video)

Recycle and Drink Heavily (video)

And one of us at the Cantabulous Cantab Lounge in Cambridge, MA

Papa's Got a Brand New Bag

I am also playing with a jazz group out of Morningside Studios.  Here is a video of us performing at Ryle Jazz Club in Cambridge

Quiet Nights


Description: Description: http://web.cba.neu.edu/~mzack/kayak1.jpgI like to go sea kayaking. One winter, while kayaking off the coast of Maui, I saw a whale do a full body breach about 100 yards away. Well worth the price of admission.

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I have been climbing Katahdin at Baxter Park in Maine every summer for a long time, and especially enjoy the Knife Edge trail that runs along the ridge pictured here.

A couple of Calvin and Hobbes strips I like:

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